Playing with house legend Graeme Park at designer Charlotte Balbier’s wedding

March 15. I Haven’t entered anything for ages so time for catch up! Highlight of last year was playing with house legend Graeme Park at designer Charlotte Balbier’s wedding as well as lots and lots of great parties. Some memorable ones were playing a Nigerian wedding – love those afrobeats! and a south african wedding in London! Lots of gigs at the Mere, Mere Court, Belle Epoque (My fave venue!),Sandhole Barn, Stannylands, Lowry Compass rooms and Lowry Hotel, Great john Street Hotel and lots more..biggest tunes obviously Mark Ronson and last year Pharrell blurred lines, clean bandit etc. This year I disappeared from Google and haven’t got to the bottom of why – 80% of my bookings are word of mouth so perhaps I’ve gotten little lazy about self promotion- Well its so tedious; all the “me me me -I’m so fantastic” stuff!! You just want to do a great job and the work follows however life isn’t so simple – I have set up a Facebook page so nickcampbell dj on soundcloud (nickcampbell62) there are a couple of mixes i recorded in jan 14 one has old school stuff and one more recent garagey tunes .2013/2014 were big years for the new garage house sound and its continued on however the 2015 spring charts seem to be full of ballads at the moment.. Beginning of 2015 has had me playing a lot of birthday do’s which is nice for change! Ooh must mention Xmas I actually played in a jail-yes my Djing was criminal- haha! ..No: Lancaster Castle prison was the atmospheric venue for a couple of banquet/ravey xmas parties! Think some of the customers were little chilly in there but has a good jump around to keep warm! well signing off now….

March 15

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