A Busy christmas

A busy christmas as ever lots of company functions and weddings. latest pop stuff by Rihanna Maroon 5 oly Murs seem to get everyone moving like jagger! June  is so busy with 13 weddings booked already!

County Bride magazine’s awards Finalist 2011 and the only DJ- I’m really very humbled and thanks so much for voting!

May is here and after the sunny april the showers are back but the dancefloors are full ! great gigs at great john street hotel-(chappers jnr is a chip off the old block and well into his djing!) 7th may at lowry theatre was a good one – sheffield/mcr combination with some old trance classics doing the business as well as the old “student night” malarkey 5, sclub etc 14th May crewe hall great vibe as `city just won the cup -the bride and many guests are blues so electric atmosphere – what a venue to get in to though-down aramp round some bends into a tiny rickety lift up 2 floors..1 hr setup there but worth it as we had a great night the girlies got their 80s crazy cheesy tunes “..total eclipse of the heart” etc and some thumpingly good indie and dance classics later on-good fun! great gig in april at stannylands and robert sent a testimonial for my website its in dj comments I hope

Well lots of parties especially over Xmas. 2010 has been the year R+B morphed into soft electro house (nearly everything is 128 bpm now-killing the feet of those girls who wear  those 10″ stillies or “stilts” more like- Its okay to be under 5ft 5 at least you can- MOVE!  ) and dubstep and D+B went (sort of) mainstream..Black eyed peas “time of my life” has people running in both directions of the dancefloor! David Guetta/ Flo Rida, Usher, Tempah, ceelo, Rihanna, Bruno mars etc has been newer stuff filling the floors. Played town hall and midland hotels both venues where you need at least an hour to set up and makes you wonder about switching to laptop..but no not time to cop out yet! Lots gigs coming in for 2011 and dont know if ANYONE readd my article in county bride mag, if so- let me know please!

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