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May 13. Daft Punk tune Get Lucky has had a huge response, great to hear Nile Rodgers again, although “thinking of you”, “i want your love” and “le freak” have been regularly included in my sets..busy time for gigs; 3 last weekend, memorable one at the bowden rooms with a 6k sound system and lots of guests up from “that” London-they had a great time raving they were ! Great indie dance set for Rich and Hannah Edwins back in april, lots of remixes they’d selected. Si’s funky house set he chose at Alderley edge was fun to play too. the DJ Beats issues from mastermix are a help for beatmixing djs like myself, Ive sent them a long list of tunes id like beats adding to..Still playing the 60s soul and lots of indie sets, the 80s tunes and motown seem to please the guests who arent as into the indie or dance stuff so I seem to playing good broad sets which somehow please everyone judging by the kind response from couples you can see on dj comments pages which are lifted directly from emails not dreamt up in my own head!!

May 13

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