It’s the Launch of my new website!

Thanks for reading! Dale and Luke from Pixel People (see links page) have skillfully added to my original concept of the site being an objective “guide to booking a DJ” but added all the bits you need for 2015 and mobile-friendly with all the links.

Google plus will be added soon. You’ll notice I put some mixes from my soundcloud page, I like to play house music and record my mixes they aren’t recordings from a gig obviously (as I play music people know!).

Hopefully it demonstrates i can blend the beats without it sounding like a car crash! I’ve got some lovely new tunes and will do another one soon. I listen to a broad selection of music at home from singer songwriters to indie to funky house tunes or classic funk like War, Donny Hathaway etc..

Next weekend I’m  playing with Rosemary Quaye funky Sax player  and now thanks to a certain soccer manager “a media star!” …We will be playing some lovely summery funky jazzy house vibes and some funk n disco too next weekend up in Lancashire. Played some interesting gigs a South African/Afrobeat music gig  in east end London, a Nigerian party and a big reggae/old school set at the Lowry compass rooms a big gang came up from west bromwich included a DJ who was ready to chuck me off the decks if I didn’t come up with the goods!! Great night..

A gig at Didsbury house had the walls literally shaking and my top speakers we waving like buoys during “temperature” as the groom and pals were literally jumping up and down! All the pictures, lamp shades and bits of decor were shaking too a gig on farm and the biggest marquee I’ve ever seen for a chap who has a bob or two..

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