I just wrote an essay and it didnt publish!

I just wrote an essay and it didnt publish! Anyway, try again-Addidas have stolen one of my warm up tunes- by Dee Edwards “why cant there be love” (Giles Peterson discovered it really!)

Lots of gigs this year 45 even before the Xmas dates are confirmed (so IF YOU HAVE A DECEMBER WEDDING – BOOK EARLY as DJs get booked by hotels for the whole season!!) I did around 60 last year so its going to be a much busier year 2010

Updated my decks to the new pioneer cdj 400s they even take a fob mp3 stick- but ill only use them as back up- I need to get to my tunes Quickly- VERY Quickly – and laptops etc? sorry,  spend the night tapping away at a mouse – its not very rocknroll is it!! Ok for backup -the iphone is a  godsend – download tracks in 2 mins and the quality is super!! tip- Give DJ the wireless key number for the hotel as can download quicker

Gigs at: Stock, Mcr town hall, Peruga, Mcr Art Gallery, Davenport Green Hale, Stanley house, Knowsley Hall, cambridge UA, Belle Epoque Knutsford

MAN Art Gallery is a great venue on 27 march gig I set up a 2nd PA in entrance and then they moved into the disco room as lauryn hill’s cant take my eyes off you  mixed into “….new york…. concrete jungle where dreams are made of…”Jay Z, Alicia Keys then BEPeas and were away..Donna Giles “and Im telling you” was a stand out track- very funky house crowd loved it and one of those gigs i cant actually believe im getting paid to mix such great tunes!! Then April 4th funky house electro mix into trance etc for Fran and Lucy great night


April 2010

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