February 2021

2021 !!!

Here we go ... Erm....yes hit the buffers again didn't we ?! So, gigs are shuffling forwards again for the third time. I haven't charged any extras just shifted the deposit onto the next date! [...]

November 2020


All my gigs have been postponed until 2021

October 2019


2019 halfway done-I loved Bluedot festival this year if not the mud! Kraftwerk 3D! New Order sounding incredible ,John Grant, Hot Chip, Jon Hopkins, State 808..Hac Classical was a great night too- a younger crowd [...]


2018 done! apart from some lovely gigs of my own I played see reviews on Hitched etc I attended lots of gigs myself including Bluedot festival, Hacienda Classical,  David Byrne's amazing show - a feast [...]


2017 obviously will be remembered for the Arena bomb and response- solidarity and amazing support from the community. Some fab gigs in 2017 working at Warehouse and other newer venues. Added a couple of mixes [...]

April 2016

2016 Let’s go!

Good start to the year - Played a memorable gig with sophia saxophone - - at Carden Park Hotel and had a great night of mixing funky house classics and Sophia was awesome!!  Gigs [...]