2021 !!!

Here we go …

Erm….yes hit the buffers again didn’t we ?! So, gigs are shuffling forwards again for the third time. I haven’t charged any extras just shifted the deposit onto the next date!

It’s all we can do!

Thankfully, I do other things- My Voiceover Avatar quizmaster ┬áMax Duo resp Max for Havas Lynx won Gold last year pharma Ad awards, and I’ve done 4 long narratives my v/o s for Dave Howard Band which we’d like to perform live one day.Very talented guys both lyrically, script writing and obviously GREAT musicians..

As for DJing; home mixes and generally organising the tunes, trying to declutter my MacBook..During 2017-19 I went to so many live gigs and festivals-it kinda made me fall in love with live music all over again..Cant wait to do more of that.

So hoping to be DJing again when this metaphorical “piece of string” we are all on… comes to an end!

See ya on the dancefloor SOON!


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